The Fox-ification of KTRH, Part XXXVIII

They're not even trying to hide it anymore at KTRH, the once-proud AM news giant in town.

This morning, President-elect Obama was having a press conference; KTRH chose instead to do a live interview with lunatic Ann Coulter.

That's okay; Coulter is notoriously difficult to get an interview with. If you're a 5,000-watt station in Toad Suck, Arkansas, and even then she'll work her schedule around to accommodate you as much as necessary.

The anchor -- he was a subsitute for Lana Hughes; we didn't catch his name, but remember, he was the news anchor -- opened the interview with this question:

(Well, first he giddily exclaimed how excited he was to be talking with Coulter, then he asked the question.)

"What's the future for conservatives? With [he then listed a few things, like the economy, etc.] -- with all of that -- what are we going to do?"


At least the news team is making its prejudices clear. It's the best we can hope for now.

-- Richard Connelly

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