The Game Goes On

Yo folks -- our Sean Pendergast (to be honest, we share him with 1560AM The Game -- is live-tweeting the UT-Bama game here. (Sample tweet: "McElroy, throw the f-ing ball, even if it's incomplete. I'm tired of watching you get sacked like a little bitch..")

Our thoughts so far:

a) Who the hell kidnapped Nick Saban? Whoever this guy is -- taking the kickoff, the fake-punt debacle -- he ain't Nick Saban.

b) UT is getting gifts like it's the Texas lege handing out higher-ed funds. And wantonly wasting them, as is the Horns' style, in terms of using state funds.

c) Excuse is tailor-made for Horn fans: a phantom hit on McCoy has him getting x-rays. Anything that happens now is irrelevant: UT fans will be bitching forever about what would have happened.

First quarter over, Bama about to score.....


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