The Gary Kubiak Deathwatch Begins

Let's face it, it's time.

Time for a Gary Kubiak Deathwatch. Not on his corporal being, of course, but on his job as Houston Texans head coach.

Things are getting grim. Five years is long enough to get your people in there, your systems, whatever it is you think a team needs to at least reach the freaking playoffs.

Once again, a year began with hope that a breakthrough would occur. Once again it's been more pain than gain.

And so, as the Texans prepare to head to New York to take on the salivating Jets, we introduce our scientifically calibrated measuring device of Kubiak's current status with the team.

As you can see, a wide range of possibilities are considered, from firing him before he gets on the plane to the Meadowlands to keeping him on for future years.

"Gone in January" means, of course, that it's all over but the shouting, but owner Bob McNair sees no advantage to firing him until the season is over. "50-50" means what it says; as he stands now odds are even he can pull off enough wins/improvement in the season's remaining games to reignite faith in him.

And right now, Kubiak is between those two. We get the feeling Sunday's game will move the needle impressively. Which way, we can only wait and see.

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