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The George W. Bush Library: We Get A Very Special Offer To Donate

One of us here at the Houston Press -- and we won't say who -- must have done something very, very Republican in a previous life.

For the person -- and since we feel the invitation is really to all of us here, we're going with the editorial "we" -- has/have been extended a Very Special Invitation to support the George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU.

How? By joining its Freedom Registry. Sure, it requires a tax-deductible donation, but just gaze in awe at the privilege we will receive in return:

And when President and Mrs. Bush themselves visit the Bush Center, they will see your name listed among this elite group of supporters -- and they will know that you have helped make possible the many exhibits and events that the Bush Center will host, and the ideas we will share.

What, no half-price on American flag lapel pins?

The library is going to be great, by the way, if this letter is any indication.

It begins with a history lesson of sorts. Bush's "vision of American greatness," we're told, "was a vision tested by history on September 11th, by partisan politics here at home, and by evil tyrants and heartless terrorists abroad."

Hey, nothing like lumping in critics with "evil tyrants" and "heartless terrorists."

Anyway, the center is due to open in 2013, and it will be worth fighting all the crowds.

-- We'll show how President Bush kept America safe after the horror of 9/11

-- We'll study how he and First Lady Laura Bush led the cause of freedom in it many forms -- from taking on tyrants and terrorists, to empowering people here at home by lowering taxes and improving schools through the No Child Left Behind Act

-- We'll make clear how President Bush worked to encourage personal responsibility, and how he understood that compassion was an ideal best practiced by individuals, in their communities -- not by government programs

Kids, forget about Disneyland that year!!

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