The Ghost Of Johnny Fixx

A while back, we came across a local ghost story we hadn’t heard.

Back in 1980, there was this rock cover band hear called Lic. This wasn’t just any cover band; supposedly bandleader Johnny Fixx was one of Houston’s pioneering punk rockers, and his band brought plenty of piss and vinegar to their performances where other bands would have played it straight.

The gloriously named Fixx got little comfort from his local rock star status, though, and is said to have killed himself on Washington Avenue in 1980. His spirit did not rest easy; supposedly, Fixx has been haunting the area – especially the doorway of the building that once housed Silky’s and now houses Chaise Lounge.

We asked former Silky’s owner Pam Robinson if she had ever seen Mr Fixx’s phantom. “Nope, never have,” she said. “I’ve heard the story, but I’ve never seen him. I do believe in ghosts, though.”

I also called early punk show promoter M. Martin to see if he could remember Fixx or had seen his ghost. He hadn’t, but he did have this to say: “Back a few years ago, if you were on Washington Avenue at certain times of night, there was no way you could tell the living from the dead.”

John Nova Lomax

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