The Glenn Beck Insanity Extravaganza Is Headed To Houston, Unfortunately

Any sentient human being who knows of Glenn Beck can pretty much agree he's a clown. Watch this if you have any doubts. (The best part: After this jaw-dropping bit of utter stupidity, Gov. Rick Perry apparently told Beck he was proud to be on the show.)

The only way to accept that Glenn "I can't disprove that FEMA is setting up concentration camps to jail Obama's political opponents" Beck is not nuts is to believe it's all a piece of performance art designed to garner him big Fox ratings and multi-million-dollar contracts.

Unfortunately, we in Houston will get the chance to judge for ourselves up close -- we are one of six lucky "conservative" cities where Beck will tour his comedy show.

The comedy show is different than what he puts out on the radio or on Fox, you might be surprised to learn, since that stuff is pretty funny. As long as you overlook how pathetic it is.

And the comedy show is different than the "tea parties" Beck is hosting at places like the Alamo. (Watch this video and be amazed.)

No, the comedy shows are what Beck calls "a poor man's Seinfeld" and, by "poor," we asume he means "utterly unfunny."

"The radio and TV talk show host will start June 1 in Denver, then perform in theaters in Phoenix, San Diego, Kansas City, Houston and Richmond, Va., over the next five days, he said," USA Today reports.

Hurricane Ike wasn't enough?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.