"The guy knows Texas food."

Looks like our very own Robb Walsh just got name-checked in some publication called the New York Times.

To quote:

Anonymity is required for Robb's job, so we'll just provide an artist's rendering.
A few years ago, I went to see Robb Walsh when he came through town on a book tour. Robb is the restaurant critic for The Houston Press. He's the author of "The Tex Mex Cookbook." He's the founder and head judge of a hot sauce competition in Austin. The guy knows Texas food.

After the reading, a friend and I rushed the podium. We chatted happily for a few minutes, all smiles, until my friend suggested that while Robb was in New York, he really ought to try a great barbecue place that had just opened. I nodded and agreed.

Robb's face looked like the sky before a tornado.

"The next time one of you guys from New York tries to make me go to one of your 'great barbecue places,'" he said, "I'm going to take you on a Houston pizza tour."

Oh, snap! Sounds like Robb must've been a bitchy queen in a previous life.

Or not, as he explains in the comments section. — Keith Plocek


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