The Heat Is On As High School Football Practice Begins

ERCOT, the people who run Texas's energy grid, is once again warning against too much electricity use, asking that consumers limit it as much as they can today until 7 p.m.

"The peak electricity demand is expected to be more than 63,200 megawatts (MW) today," ERCOT announced. "The current record for peak demand is 63,453 MW which occurred July 13, 2009." So a lot of megawatts are going to be used today.

That is because it is hot. Hellaciously hot. Triple-digit heat-index hot.

And that's not good news for the state's high school football players, who are beginning practice right about now.

HISD says it sent out new mandates to coaches today in an effort to make sure kids are hydrated. Here they are:

Effective immediately the following procedures must be put in place until further notice:

* Continue normal hydration procedures
* Morning practices must be completed by 10 AM
* Afternoon practices may start no earlier than 5 PM
* You may practice twice a day
* Before and after practice hydrate athletes with 16oz of water or sports drink
* Remove helmets while not in drills
* Must have ice towels/sponges in place
* Allow athletes to have water as needed or as requested
* Constantly monitor athletes for muscle cramps, profuse sweating, nauseous feeling, disorientation, clammy skin; when in doubt call 911
* If athletes are not sweating during practice or drills, stop, and get them cooled off and call 911.

Bruising-hot summer practices, of course, build character and spirit and blah blah blah. The acceptance of the idea that Junction Boys crap is idiotic, as opposed to helpful, has been a major advancement in kids' sports, and it's good to see the emphasis is being maintained.

Now go turn off your a/c and build some character, dammit.

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