For years, Debbie Turbiville made a living knowing how to recruit prostitutes - or at least that's how the woman referred to a "Houston's Heidi Fleiss" has been painted ever since police shut down her allegedly high-class hooker ring.

But recruiting is recruiting is recruiting - the skillset required to find a gal capable of floating a good hummer is the same as finding a nanny for your toddler, or a home-care worker for your grandma.

And that's Turbiville's line of work now - she's recruiting nannies through her new business, The Home Angels.

"As a mom and someone who...had to find childcare at different stages, I...understand how difficult it is for people to find childcare, especially going through the agencies," Turbiville told Hair Balls. (She really did. This is no spoof.)  "It can be quite expensive. It's basically a service to working moms that I can provide relatively quickly and very cheaply [to] help them in locating reliable and responsible healthcare. And it's something I can do from home since I don't have a car anymore."

The "Heidi Fleiss Of Houston" Is Now Recruiting Nannies. Really

When Hair Balls asked if she anticipates any trouble from parents skeptical that a woman accused of running a house of ill repute has any business finding nannies, Turbiville said, "I think if that's an issue, then obviously....As far as I'm concerned it's just a service I can offer to families. And if that's an issue for them, that's fine."

Hair Balls appreciates Turbiville's candor. Although she referred us to her attorney for a question about whether a date has been set for her pending trial, she was completely upfront about the services she's trying to provide.

We also appreciate the fact that there is apparently a strict screening process. Per Turbiville's ads on backpage.com and Craigslist, "All of our contractors are throughly vetted and have passed a background and drug test."

We assume any other "special arrangements" you want to have with your nanny can be worked out in private. And by "special arrangements," we mean sex. Because she's accused of running a brothel. Where women had sex for money.

Just so we're clear.

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