The Heights Is Getting A Supersized Supermarket

Swamplot has a collection of photos of the vast destruction being wreaked upon the strip mall at 11th Street and Shepherd that includes a Kroger.

What's going on? A huge new Kroger store -- the largest in the city -- is being put there, a spokesman tells Hair Balls.

The current store is technically a "Signature" Kroger's, but time has passed it by a bit. It's far less glamorous than newer Signature stores. Bruce Springsteen wouldn't be warbling "Queen of the Supermarket" after visiting it.

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But, says Kroger's Gary Huddleston, the new place will be 96,000 square feet, more than double what the store is now.

That would make it the biggest Kroger in Houston, and almost as big as the 110,000-square-foot monsters the chain has opened in Pearland and Missouri City.

We used to live a few blocks from the site, until Tropical Storm Allison took care of us. While parts of the Heights are obviously yuppie-fied beyond belief, much of the rest of the area is a mixture of ethnicities and income levels.

Despite -- or because of -- that, the store has been a top performer for the chain, Huddleston says.

"The demographics have been changing over the last several years, with a lot of new residents coming in," he says.

The refurbished store should be finished in a year, he says. The current operation will remain open during the renovation, which will slow things down a bit.

But after that, Heights people and other inner-loopers will have all the supermarket bragging rights they need.

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