The Houston Chronicle DeLayed

It's easy to forget the Houston Chronicle is a newspaper — that is, a paper that delivers news.

On March 21 the Chronicle blanketed its front page with a report on Tom DeLay's fiery new memoir — five days after Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak broke the story.

(Credit Wonkette for renaming the tome No Retreat, No Surrender: Fuck Every Single One of You Motherfuckers the same day Novak's column ran.)

Hot Tub Tom had already pimped his book on Meet the Press, Today Show and Scarborough Country by the time the Chronicle finally deemed it newsworthy.

Now I may be old fashioned, but shouldn't Houston's daily fish wrapper get the scoop on this sort of thing? Or maybe at least report on it within 100 hours of the rest of the world?

Novak also noted in his March 15 column that four members of the American Conservative Union had resigned when the Hammer joined the board.

The Chronicle, in all its wisdom, did not include this nugget of information in its initial story, choosing instead to run a separate article on the ACU flap three days later on March 24 — a week-and-a-half after it was first reported.

I've always heard that Hearst Corporation, which owns the Chronicle, is the suckiest of all the suck-ass corporate owners of America's suck-filled daily newspapers.

Of course, that's old news. So the Chronicle just might cover it. - Todd Spivak

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.