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Please Bear With Us While We Transfer Our Stories

We're getting there but it's a bear.
We're getting there but it's a bear. Photo by Nicholas T
Recently some of our readers have noted they can't locate some of our stories from earlier years in our publication history.

No, there's nothing wrong with their computers. And no these stories aren't "purged" from our data base.

In late November, the Houston Press was sold to GCL Venture, a locally-owned company. Since then, our new IT team has been busy moving stories from our previous publication system to our new one. It's taking longer than we thought with the result that many of our older stories are temporarily unavailable.

But they are not gone forever. Just in limbo for now. 

Please bear with us as we go through this transformation. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for reading and caring about the content in the Houston Press
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