The Houston/San Antonio Chronicle-Express Takes Another Step Forward

Hey, copy editors and page designers at the San Antonio Express!!

Like your jobs? Then you better hope you like Houston.

A memo to staff from Express editor Robert Rivard offers more details on the coming consolidation of operations between the Express and the Houston Chronicle, both Hearst newspapers.

A lot of things remain to be worked out, but Rivard says the San Antonio paper will be producing a lot of non-news sections in Houston.


First, he starts off with a joke, because nothing settles the chronic, ulcer-inducing terror of being a print journalist these days like a little laugh:

"Brett tells me there are newsroom rumors of layoffs today. Not so. The big in-house headline probably will be the winners of the chili cook-off," he writes.

Ha ha!!

Then he adds (a couple of) details:

Right now we are producing Travel in Houston and we will produce Taste there by late December or early January. We expect to produce at least one of our seven daily SA Life sections in Houston by midyear. That date, of course, could change, but you can see from the projected pace of this project that nothing much is imminent here. There will be some
new job openings for copy editors and page designers in Houston at some point, we believe, but I can't project when those job postings
might occur.

On the one hand, you no longer enjoy the Riverwalk or a competent NBA team. On the other hand, you have a job.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.