The LBJ Ranch, just minutes outside the 610 loop
The LBJ Ranch, just minutes outside the 610 loop

The Houston Suburb Known As The Hill Country

Things we learned today: The Hill Country is a suburb of Houston. At least to Canadians.

The National Post, a Canadian newspaper, took note that Barack Obama was the first "urban" president in a long while.

They had to stretch things a bit, saying that JFK "made his primary home at the six-acre Kennedy Compound in small-town Hyannis, Mass.," even though he's thought of pretty much as a Boston guy.

They tried to make their point by noting where presidents had retired after their terms:

Upon leaving office, George W. Bush returned to the seclusion of his 1,600-acre ranch 20 minutes out of tiny Crawford, Tex. -- itself two-and-a-half hours from Dallas-Forth Worth. Bill Clinton came to the White House via the Arkansas Governor's mansion and exited into a modest 11-room Neo-Dutch Colonial in exurban Chappaqua, N. Y. -- an hour's drive from Manhattan. Ronald Regan lived in Bel-Air (the Los Angeles suburb made famous by the Fresh Prince), Jimmy Carter on his peanut farm in Georgia, Gerald Ford in Virginia's wealthy Alexandria, LBJ in the Houston sticks.

Well, as noted below, W ain't exactly going to Crawford.

But what's the deal with the LBJ reference?

Katy might be considered "the Houston sticks," but the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall?

That's like saying Boston is in "the New York sticks."

Ah well -- maybe it's a hockey term.

-- Richard Connelly

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