The Houston Zoo's Ten Cutest Baby-Animal Pictures

The Houston Zoo has a new calf, Sam, according to a tweet today.

The Zoo is getting pretty efficient at spreading the news of cutie-wootie widdle baby animals, and who can blame them?

We decided to comb the Zoo's Flickr page for ten of the best zoo-baby pictures.

10. Cocquerel's sifaka This smells like this?

9. Maned Wolf Six weeks old, and he's all ears.

8. Baby elephant No, it's not Baylor -- dude gets enough pub already. (After all, he did win our Houston Zoo Cute-Off.) This is Tupelo.

7. Anteater Looks a little sad. The world's only gonna get crueler, little anteater.

6. Giant Eland Not too giant yet, but he's got the sensitive eyes that drive the women wild.

5. Guinea Hog piglets That's Penelope and Olivia. Or Olivia and Penelope, we can't be sure.

4. Giraffe Fun fact: Scientists have discovered it is humanly impossible to take a bad picture of a baby giraffe. Especially if it's Miles -- the camera loves him.

3. The other maned wolf This one looks a little more suspicious of what he's hearing. And he hears everything.

2. Nyala Noah looks like he's learning a tough lesson from his mom -- look, she's telling him, if you're this cute then yes, the paparazzi will swarm.

1. Prairie dogs They're looking for something....love? Mama, where'd you go?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.