The Island Of Misfit Cars: A Slideshow

The Prius, which is the subject of our cover story this week, is not the first compact car to cause a stir. Lots of unlikely automobiles have come and gone, leaving fans wishing for a return and non-fans wondering how anyone ever drove the things. Click here for a slideshow taking you back to the glories of such cars as the Gremlin, the Yugo and the Vega (shown above).

We just want to know how Le Car didn't make the cut. Or the Pinto, best known for bursting into flames from a tap in the back. Which was sobering news to me, since my first car was a dinged-up used Pinto purchased for the reason that I could drive it in New York City and not really care if I got in fender-benders.

Also, check here for a slideshow of celebrities loving their Priuses.

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