The J. Peterman Treatment

Our inbox gets flooded with new product announcements. Some informative, others obtuse, almost all boring. But every so often one inspires us, not necessarily to go out and buy the gadget — we already got enough stuff — but to give the product the J. Peterman treatment.

She pulled off her socks, sticky, thinner, and rubbed her tired dogs. The Schnauzer was especially appreciative, but after a while she moved on to her feet.

Slinging coffee and flapjacks barely paid the bills, and she had more than one mouth to feed. The Doberman began to lick her toes, supplely in the beginning, but then with a zealous hunger. That fungus was flavorful.

His meal wouldn't last. She had the

Shower Foot Scrubber

, a new product invented by Rodney Martin of Houston, with an elongated rectangular shape, semi-rigid loofah sponges and a soft coral or nylon scrubbing head. At the end of a long day, nothing could remove the flakes and spores better, not even the sandy tongue of one hungry pup. —

Keith Plocek

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