Robb Walsh
Fictionalized tacos?

The Jason Blair of Tacos?

I recently received this e-mail from a reader. The allegations he makes are truly unsettling:

Robb -

When you got the cold, greasy taco from the truck at a gas station on Bissonnet a few years ago, did you take a bite and throw it away, as originally reported, or did you throw the greasy paper bag away unopened, as recently reported?

Given the outbreak of fictionalization by NY Times and Washington Post reporters, I have become very cautious in what I accept in print. (By the way, do you think all those adult ads are completely true?)

Jayson Blair couldn't make up anything as good as your taco truck reports . Just think what you could do if you created an idealized composite of all the taco trucks you have ever visited. Evan Harrel, Houston Correction:

When I got those nasty tacos several years ago, I did indeed take one bite before throwing the bag away. I did not throw the bag away unopened, as I recently reported.

I apologize to taco lovers everywhere for this egregious error. I wasn't fictionalizing -- it was either a lapse of memory, or else I was trying to put the taste out of my mind.

Anytime in the future that I claim to have thrown food away without even tasting it, you should be suspicious. -- Robb Walsh

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