The Joys Of Forwarded E-Mail

Ah, the joys of replying to forwarded e-mail.

You get an e-mail forwarded to you from someone, you think you're replying to the guy who forwarded it but instead you're replying to the original sender. So your e-mail that says something like "This is the single most idiotic pitch from a PR person ever" goes not to the staffer who forwarded it to you, but to the PR person doing the pitching.


Usually it's me doing these things, and I've done some pretty bad ones. At least this time I get to revel in my editor doing it.

Kevin Whited of bloghouston wrote Paul Knight, the author of our cover story about problems with the Prius hybrid cars.

He noted that the woman complaining about her Prius in the opening of the article, Bobette Riner, shared an address with me.

Which is logical, since we've been married 25 years.

Whited wanted to know if the connection should have been disclosed.

Knight forwarded the e-mail to our editor, Margaret Downing, who said yes, the story should have disclosed it. But that's not all she wrote to Knight. And she accidentally hit the "reply" button to Whited, who therefore received this:

Kevin Whited is a pain. He jumps on posts all the time. I'd just write him back and say yes, they are married and we didn't happen to put it in the story because neither you or your editor thought of it, and yes, we probably should have. And thank him for reading. - margt

Remember: Thanks for reading!! You pain.

Whited didn't seem too offended:

Greetings Margaret,

I'm not sure if you intended this email for me or for Paul Knight, but I appreciate the response nonetheless.


All we can say is, we've done far worse, but the details are way too embarrassing to relate.

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