The Kid Care Vs. Dolcefino Saga Gets Examined

Throughout the years we've written a bunch of stories and items on Kid Care, the feed-the-poor group begun by Carol Porter that went on to great fame before KTRK's Wayne Dolcefino did a massive series of reports on loose spending at the charity.

For every item, we've probably had 10 conversations with Kid Care founder Carol Porter, who is very, very passionate in her belief that she was thoroughly screwed by Dolcefino, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and a board of directors and former supporters who left her hanging when the heat got turned up.

At various times the whole story was about to be told, Porter would inform us, on 60 Minutes or Oprah or some cable show or in a Hollywood movie.

It never did, but it has shown up in the Texas Observer, as Houston writer David Theis put together a 5,000-word examination of the case. (Theis tells Hair Balls his original version of the story was closer to 7,000 words.)

His conclusion: The Porters were not as bad as painted, Abbott tried to grab headlines before doing any investigating, and events generally acquitted the Houston couple. On the other hand, he acknowledges that Porter and her husband were pretty damn lax in their management style, which didn't matter when Kid Care was starting out but did matter greatly when it grew to a much larger operation.

Neither Docefino nor the AG would talk to Theis, by the way. Wayne-O ended up doing 40 or so stories on the charity, won some awards for them, but in the end nothing criminal was proven.

If you remember, the charity's credit cards were used for beauty shops, expensive tickets and strip clubs. But no criminal case was prosecuted against the Porters.

It's a sad story, because Porter was extremely committed, if terminally unorganized. Now the organization has been taken from her.

She tells Hair Balls, as she has many times before, that God has a plan for her.

Let's hope that plan doesn't involve Wayne Dolcefino.

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