The Kids At Valley West Elementary Finally Recover From Ike

Like a drunk wandering a pub that has run out of beer, so fourth-grader Andrew Jok roams his school's library looking for interesting books to read. He devours nearly a dozen books a month, you see, and he needs his fix. Jok's problem, however, along with the rest of the students at Valley West Elementary, is that Hurricane Ike left the library in ruins, destroying hundreds of books and leaving the shelves half naked.

Well, students, worry no more. Today Devon Energy came to the rescue, donating more than 250 books, or $3,000 worth, to the school.

"I really liked some of the old books that were here," says Jok. "But now we have the new ones and I like them too. I'm very excited."

Valley West librarian Gretchen Silva says the rains from Ike penetrated the roof, dousing the carpet and books with water. The non-fiction section really took it on the chin, she says. Ike all but wiped out the selection on mammals, health, music and sports.

During today's celebration at the library, pre-K students gathered at the feet of Tony Vaughn, a VP at Devon, as he read to them aloud the tale of that big red dog, Clifford, in Clifford Goes to Dog School. At the end of the story, as slices of cake were being passed around, each student was given their own copy of the book.

"I'm so grateful," one of the students said. 

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