The Last Piece Of Good Economic News?

The Last Piece Of Good Economic News?

The 88 major job markets across the U.S. lost a total of 1.2 million jobs in 2008, according to a study by Bizjournals.

Only 15 of the 88 markets saw a job increase in the year. And the city with the largest increase of all -- Houston.

We added 57,300 jobs in 2008. While that may have been a good month in the boom times, you take what you can get now.

Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio came in second and third, further cementing the view that the current economic calamity has hit lightest in Texas.

The city that added the least jobs was Seattle, with 200. That's like four jobs a week.

Still, it's better than being in Detroit or (surprisingly) Phoenix, which lost 89,700 and 86,800 jobs respectively.

At the bottom of the list was New York, which lost 120,300, but then again had a lot more jobs to lose than Detroit or, say, Boise, which shed 11,700 jobs.

The Houston finish may be the last piece of good economic news here for a while, as just about every economist sees the recession spreading our way.

But at least we're not in Boise.

-- Richard Connelly

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