The Lazy Gardener Gets Shown The Door

The print edition of the Chronicle will no longer include the "Lazy Gardener" column, which has been a feature of the paper for 40 years.

Current columnist Brenda Beust Smith says here the column will be going online only.

In an e-mail to fans, she's a little more blunt:

I'm in mourning today. Actually, I'm pissed as hell but there's nothing I can do about it. But, given that misery loves company, thought I'd let you know that online today they posted online my farewell column to the Saturday print Lazy Gardener column. Didn't allow me to say goodbye in print.

But I guess that's not nearly as bad as being escorted to the door, and not allowed back to your desk, after being told you're laid-off.

Again, cold.

In protest, I will never, ever garden from this point on. A protest I have been planning for by not gardening my entire life.

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