The Legend

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The week before the tryout, he went off to another tournament and came home with another MVP trophy. Andrea wasn't happy, but this trophy came with $150, so she let him keep it.

That Saturday, after all, was not a day for empty boxes. The Legend did indeed show up and endure the second tryout of his life. About 70 others were competing against him, and was he nervous?

"Naw, man," he said. "I was playing ball. I don't do no panicking."
In the scrimmage, his team got behind, and Dwayne took them over and onward to victory. The week that the Flights finished as champions again, with Dwayne the league's leading scorer, the news came that he made the Storm's first cut. There would be many cuts to go before the season began in November, but Dwayne is "an outstanding athlete," pronounced Coach Alonzo Bradley, and who knows?

If Dwayne makes the team, he thinks the coach will like him, because "I got offensive skills." If he doesn't, and he never makes a living at basketball, what then?

"Do you think I'm going to be moping around? Naw," the Legend said. "I'm going to go on living like I always been living -- satisfied.

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Randall Patterson