The Lincoln-Douglas Debates, As Done In State Rep. District 146: Borris Miles Pees On Air

The rematch of the political year is taking place in State Rep. District 146, where Al Edwards and Borris Miles are going at it yet again.

Edwards was the longtime rep for the district until Miles beat him in 2006; Edwards took the seat back after one term, helped by Miles' tendency to be accused of such things as waving guns around at parties.

Now Miles is trying to oust Edwards again.

Neither of these guys exactly bring the word "statesman" to mind, to be sure. But we never expected the race to include a live, on-air drug test.

But that's what Miles did this morning on KCOH, as described on Isiah Carey's blog.

Around 9 am this morning Miles brought in a private drug testing firm, gave a urine sample, and took his screening live on the radio. Miles says he didn't want to ever put the people of the district through what he calls this type of b.s. again. By the way, the test came back negative. Both Miles and Edwards are in a battle to represent district 146!

Note: Miles eventually challenged Edwards to take an IQ test!

Maybe the voters of 146 (which includes us, by the way) need the IQ test. In the 2006 race, Miles not only beat Edwards but a promising reform candidate.

Now we're faced with the same old Miles-Edwards choice. At least we know for sure one of them doesn't suffer from Bladder Shyness.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.