Yeah, we really have no idea what this picture means.

The Line for Taco Bell Jokes Starts Here

This weekend is host to three great moments in sports.

The NFL draft

, where dies are cast and dreams are made.

The NBA playoffs

, where sweat and sneakers separate the men from the boys. And, of course, the PETCO Search for the America’s Fastest Chihuahua, where a bunch of annoying little dogs run down a 35-foot track in what amounts to a bizarre PR fest.

The Houston races are scheduled for 10 am. this Saturday at the League City PETCO, home of rubber balls, jerky treats and Parrotheads. The fastest Chihuahua wins a trip to San Diego to compete against 14 other regional champions between innings of a Padres game. And after that, of course, is the fame and the glory.

Here’s the store address: 2895 Gulf Freeway South, 77573. Maybe we’ll see you there. Maybe not. – Keith Plocek


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