The Lowdown on the Lovett Inn Becoming a Hostel

Earlier we wrote about rumors circulating in Montrose about the Lovett Inn, the beloved bed and breakfast, becoming a youth hostel.

The people behind the project here saw the item and came by the Houston Press offices to talk about it.

They're hoping to open in May or June and plan to have 48 to 50 beds in the place, probably charging $25 or so a night.

Not much renovation will be done: Instead of the beds in there now, bunk beds will be installed. The inn's carriage house will also likely be renovated, possibly to accommodate private rooms for higher prices.

The nonprofit Hostelling International USA will operate the place. Board member Doug Markham says they have been trying, more or less, to have a hostel in Houston for 17 years.

The purchase price of the inn is not being revealed, and HIUSA will have to get some parking variances.

But Markham thinks parking won't be a problem. "They probably have more cars now at times, with the events they have like weddings, than they would have with us," he says.

The group will continue meeting with neighborhood organizations about any concerns, he says.

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