The Luckiest Good Samaritan Ever?

The Houston police are telling us about an incident involving what might be the luckiest Good Samaritan ever.

It unfortunately involves a fatal accident on the Gulf Freeway. The driver of a red GMC pickup truck died in a crash about 12:30 a.m. today on the Gulf Freeway near the South Loop.

HPD says he was speeding northbound on the highway when he struck against the inside concrete wall.

The truck spun out into the middle of the road, which is not exactly a great place to be after midnight, in terms of other speeding drivers. Or even drivers who aren't speeding (or coming from a bar) -- being stopped in the middle of a freeway at night is just bad news.

Another driver stopped his car and went out to the middle of the road to help.

The driver and his helper were standing there when a black Toyota Avalon slammed into the crashed vehicle, knocking it into them.

The driver of the pickup was killed, but the Good Samaritan emerged with only minor injuries, as did the Toyota driver.

Karma for doing a good deed?

HPD says neither the Good Samaritan nor the Toyota driver were intoxicated.

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