The Many Looks Of Matt Damon, Plus How To Win A Free The Informant! DVD

The Informant! -- don't forget the exclamation point! -- was a pretty decent Matt Damon flick, based to some extent on a true story.

Damon plays a whistleblower who works with the FBI to stop corruption in a giant agri-business, but things start to go awry and then go awry-er and awry-er.

Damon underwent a physical transformation for the movie -- not quite a DeNiro-in-Raging Bull level of putting on pounds, it's closer to Russell Crowe-in-The Insider level. He also added the world's worst mustache.

Crowe hasn't seemed to ever dropped the Insider weight completely, but anyone who's seen Invictus knows Damon has pretty much returned to Bourne form.

But really, ladies (and gay guys, and "bi-curious" guys) -- which Damon do you prefer?

Here he is in Courage Under Fire. If supermodels are supposed to be sexy because they're anorexic stick figures, this Damon should be off the hotness scale.

He's even got the heroin eyes that are de rigeur for fashion ads.

Most people don't pay much attention to the Damon hair, as opposed to his teeth. Here's one reason why, from Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Here he is in one of the Bourne movies -- they're all the same -- doing what he does in all of them: Magically and uber-competently escaping the surveillance and foiling the plans of every spy agency that wants him. Also, walking through a well-populated public space in Europe openly carrying a large handgun without attracting undue attention.

But those are not the Matt Damons you yearn to see. Here's the Matt Damon you yearn to see.

How do you get to see more of this magic? Be one of the first three people to e-mail hairballscontest@houstonpress.com with the words "The Informant" in the header, and you'll win a DVD.

Sorry, gals, vibrator not included.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.