The Mean Streets Of Houston's Suburbs

Want to feel safe these days? Get youself out of those crime-ridden suburbs and move to Houston.

That seems to be the message in the latest annual wrap-up of Texas crime stats put out by the DPS.

Overall, the major-crime rate in Texas dropped three percent, and officials were crowing.

"The reduction in our overall crime rate is a result of Texas' tough approach to law enforcement," said Col. Lamar Beckworth, the interim director of the DPS. "I commend the brave men and women of local law enforcement who continue to work every day to keep our state and its citizens safe."

(Of course, the crime rate inside DPS probably went up, since Beckworth's predecessor resigned in the face of sexual-harassment claims.)

Crime in Houston was down 8.4 percent; the report noted. The towns surrounding Houston were not so lucky.

Baytown rose 10.5 percent, Conroe 3.6 percent, League City 0.8 percent, Missouri City 3.5 percent, Sugar Land 11.3 percent and Victoria 12 percent.

Some saw drops, like Pearland and Pasadena. Galveston also saw a 13.1 percent drop, but that might have something to do with becoming a ghost town in the immediate wake of Ike. You can get those numbers up next year, Galveston!!

Some of it's deceiving, of course -- the increase in the amount of Mo City offenses was actually less than 50, so it's not like a huge crime wave arrived.

But still, we're staying in the big city. It's rough out there in SUV Land.

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Richard Connelly
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