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If you have a dead relative or loved one you've been meaning to talk to, you might want to drop $95 for clairvoyant Allison Dubois's Family Connections Tour, which hits Houston February 17.

Perhaps best known as the basis for the TV show Medium, in which she's portrayed by Patricia Arquette, DuBois has claimed to help tons of people get in touch with those who have crossed over, as well as assist law enforcement agencies on murder cases. (You can read more about some of these claims in this feature from our sister paper in Phoenix).

When Hair Balls caught up with DuBois this week, she told us that she works differently from other people who see dead people, in that she prefers working with those whose lost ones have shuffled off this mortal coil under unpleasant circumstances, like murder or suicide.

AB: If somebody wants a great-grandmother brought through, my event's probably not the one for them to go to...I really like the people that are the most traumatized, that have lost children or a spouse, or...plane crashes. That's more of what I do.

Hair Balls: Sounds like a rollicking good time....Why target those people?

AB: Those are the people that other mediums and individuals in general shy away from. They don't want to deal with them. They don't know what to say to them...and those are the people that need the help the most, or need support the most, and so I try and be there for the ones that other people just don't want to touch. You know, any medium would be happy to bring a grandmother through, or a great-grandma. That's the light stuff. They died at 95 in their sleep, what a beautiful life. Not everybody gets that benefit, unfortunately.

HB: Do you ever get someone who wants you to contact a relative who was just a real evil bastard?

AB: [I've had] a couple of instances where that's happened, and in both instances it was young women, and they just wanted to contact fathers in both cases....And I said, you know, "I'm trying to bring your dad through, but he's in a really dark place, and he's shying away from me, and he's showing prostitution around him, and molestation. So I feel like he did the wrong thing in life, yet he's not apologizing for it....He's chosen to kind of sit in his own energy, if you will."....In both cases, the fathers molested the daughters.

We also asked her how she feels about Medium.

AB: I'm really happy with how they've portrayed my family....I think one of the best lessons that they've shared with the viewers is, I can see something and what I'm seeing is correct, but I'm interpreting it wrong. I mean, we're human beings...we're not going to win every case, but we're going to give it our best....Anybody in the business that I'm in that says they're 100 percent, they're full of crap.

HB: The skeptics out there who say all you do is cold-reading...

AB: I've already been studied in a laboratory by scientists for four years, to kind of go up against all thsoe theories and disprove them, so they can keep saying it all they want, it doesn't make it true. It's hard to do cold-readings when the person's not in front of you, they're in another country. I don't know how they reconcile that, but some people are more comfortable thinking that we're worm food. I don't know why.

HB: This is obviously an incredibly rare power, or gift. Do you ever ask yourself "Why me?"?

AB: In the beginning I did, because I just wanted to be a prosecutor and put bad guys away...[But] I kind of got the answer that I needed: Me, because I'm willing to take it on the chin and see how far I can push my abilities. I'm not afraid of it. I don't see it as a curse. You know, I accept it for what it is....[I've already] been able to verify that I can tell when a body's going to be found, you know,  with the murders. And that just [assures] the family that they'll be able to bury them. That's not good enough for me. So we'll see what I can do at 60.  

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.