The Minutemen Are Happy Karl Rove Is Leaving. We're Not Sure How to Feel About That.

What with the announcement this morning of Karl Rove’s retirement, we expected our inboxes to be full of triumphant cries from lefty organizations, all declaring, “Ding-dong, the Turd Blossom is dead” or something along those lines.

But nope, first out the gate was the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, an organization with a real gift for spitting out a press release whenever any development anywhere in the world can in any way be turned around as a sound bite for its cause.

To wit:

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) calls for the Bush Administration to reconsider its priorities regarding physical border security now that Karl Rove, who encouraged the President to support amnesty measures, will be departing his White House post this month. It is generally acknowledged that Rove, otherwise known as the President’s policy “architect,” wanted to use the “Amnesty Card” as a political carrot to increase the registration of Hispanics within the Republican Party.

“Mr. Rove’s departure will give the President the ability to change course, and finally leave a positive legacy that demonstrates the importance of border security first,” states Chris Simcox, MCDC Founder and President. “It is deplorable to think that vulgar calculations of partisan politics would continue to be given a higher priority than national security.”

Deplorable, huh? What a great word. A really great word. – Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.