The Most Illegal Wrestling Move of All Time!! (with VIDEO)

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Anyone who knows me well (or listens to me on the radio, which is practically the same thing as my radio persona is not exactly a closed book when it comes to my personal life) knows that I am a huge fan of professional wrestling.

I've been to about a half a dozen Wrestlemanias, I go every time that it comes to the Toyota Center and (little-known fact alert!) I was once co-holder of the Texas All-Star Wrestling (TASW for those seeking an acronym) tag-team championship with Houston Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman.

Yes, I dig pro wrestling.

(Note on the Pendergast/Hoffy TASW duo: Every tag team has one guy who gets the shit beat out of him and one guy who comes in and makes the save. Hoffy and I were neither -- we let our manager Raheel Ramzanali do all the work, going so far as to leave him in the middle of the ring at a card in Humble to absorb the finishing move of every wrestler on the card. And by "leave him" I mean that literally. Hoffy and I skipped town; we ran out the back of the arena, got in our car and drove home. We got a voice mail from a groggy Raheel about 30 minutes later, and he sounded like Rocky Balboa in Rocky V -- or as I like to call it, Rocky: The Near Vegetable Years.)

So as an admirer of every level of the mat game, I'm always intrigued as to how far the creative envelope can be pushed. Of course, when the "sport" is actually staged (I don't say "fake" because guys really do get hurt), it gives great latitude as to how far you can push the ridiculous scale.

I would say the finishing move used by the Osirian Portal against the Runaways in a Combat Zone Wrestling card tag team match probably crashes violently into whatever creative boundary has been previously placed on the sport of wrestling.

Um, observe....

Favorite parts of this video: 0:20 Announcer 1: "Is that even legal?" Announcer 2: "This isn't legal in international rules!" My reaction: That referee who allowed this to go on apparently better keep his day job. He just stood there and allowed it to happen. My reaction, part two: There's an international professional rule book?

0:26 The white luchador taking the time to hypnotize the entire locker room, as well. You know, so no one could run in and interfere. 0:55 "This is the most illegal thing I've seen in the history of wrestling!" I think Ted DiBiase paying for plastic surgery for an evil twin referee disagrees with you, announcer guy!

1:01 "How are we not hypnotized?" Good point!

2:10 "He must be reincarnated by Rerun!" Pretty sure that outdated sitcom reference hit the mark with exactly one member of their viewing audience. (Hint: You are currently reading his blog post.)

2:16 I'm sorry, sliding on your face across a canvas mat has to hurt.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.