The Most McCain County In Texas

Nationwide county-by-county results are available on lots of

interactive maps

on the web. we used one to find that -- as far as some quick cursor-rolling can determine -- the biggest McCain vote in Texas, percentage-wise, came from King County in the southern Panhandle.

Ninety-three percent of King County voters went for McCain. Exactly eight voters -- not eight percent, but eight people -- voted for Obama.

Must be a pretty Republican county, right?

"Oh no, we're mostly Democratic here," county clerk Jammye Timmons tells Hair Balls.

So...ummmm.....why did everyone vote Republican?

(A pause.)

"I guess they just didn't want a Democrat this year," she says.

Yes, this definitely wasn't the year to be a Democrat.

There are 198 registered voters in King County, which is mostly ranchland (The county's motto, according to its webpage, is "Windmills & Barbed Wire.") Voter turnout was 84 percent.

Eight votes for Obama? You probably could tell exactly who those eight people were, right?

"I probably could," Timmons says with a laugh. "But that's probably not a healthy thing to do, go around telling people 'I know how you voted.'"

According to the Census Bureau, about 11 of the county's 287 residents are black. Not that that's relevant, or anything.

-- Richard Connelly

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