The Motor Courts & Motels of Texas: 10 Uninviting or Odd Postcards

Motor courts were all the rage in Texas back before the days where chain motels became as common as Starbucks in a city.

You were never quite sure what you were going to get -- tiny rooms with paper-thin walls and barely functioning a/c and plumbing, or nice-enough-for-the-price places to get the road grime off of you and set up temporary HQ for some sightseeing.

No matter where they landed on the scale, the establishments were usually proud enough of themselves to offer postcards. And we guess people thought those postcards were so interesting that they mailed them to friends and family, probably with an "x" marking the room where they stayed.

Most are long, long gone now -- although if you ever want a feel for them, drive Route 66 on Albuquerque -- but those postcards live on. Here are ten.

10. Ross Avenue Motel, Dallas For those who want some paint on their motels, we guess.

9. Fin City Not sure where this one is, but it's obviously built to handle the biggest car fins Detroit can offer.

8. Continental Inn, Nacogdoches Odds that a drunk Dad took a wrong turn in the parking lot at night and ended up in the pool? Pretty good.

7. TraveLodge, Snyder Sit by our pool!! Have some creepy animated character try to cop a feel off you!!

6. Hillcrest Motel, Mt. Pleasant Maybe it's just the tinting on the postcard here, but this place looks very, very ominous to us.

5. Desert Sands Motel, Big Spring The thing to remember about these postcards is that if ever for a fleeting moment they look inviting, it's probably 104 degrees with not a whisper of wind, and when you get back to your room your noisily wheezing air conditioner will be struggling to get it under 80.

4. Rest Well Motel, Plainview Yes, rest well. Just hope there's no traffic at night on what looks to be a 10-lane road.

3. Royal Motel, El Paso Stretch out and make yourself at home!!! Actually, we've seen more breathing room in Jacob Riis photos of New York tenements.

2. Last Frontier Motel, Dallas This actually looks kinda neat. Not to mention the whole air-washing thing.

1. Papagayo Motel, El Paso Restaurant, TV, coffee shop, swimming pool, parking: This sign promises it all. You'll never want to leave.

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