The New UH Football Helmet Gets A Thumbs....DOWN

The University of Houston has revealed the design for this year's football helmets, marking the last season at Robertson Stadium.

And the motif seems to be Go Out Loud.

Which is good if you're a stadium full of crazed fans, but when you've already got a helmet design that, for UH, is refreshingly crisp, simple and semi-traditional, then making a change to "LOUD" might not be the best option.

But that's the way they've decided to roll on Cullen Boulevard.

We've already seen the maxed-out beveling that has the school's new logo looking much like the hated Aggies', and now that style has been carried to the field.

The choices seem to have been: a) The clean, no-nonsense logo, outlined in business black, that sets off nicely the Cougar Red, or b) A shiny, amorphous blob of white that will jiggle and pixel up under the stadium lights when you watch on TV.

Given the choice, and given the fact that consultants don't get paid for saying, "Keep things just the way they are," Coog fans are stuck with b).

We're sure our grumpiness about it all reflects inherent old fogeyism and an insufficient appreciation of bling and its place in the world.

And maybe the new helmet will grow on us.

Grow on us like a shiny, amorphous blob of white.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.