The Newest Giraffe: As Cute As He Thinks He Is?

There's a new giraffe in town. Supposedly there's nothing cuter than a baby giraffe, but -- and we admit we might be in the minority, even just in the office here -- we're not feeling it. What, just because they have big eyelashes we're supposed to go gaga? Sorry. You're going to have to do better, unnamed kid of Tyra and Kiva. Show us what you got:


All right, we know it's just been a day or two, but the kid still seems very confused here as he looks for lunch. And Momma isn't exactly displaying an overabundance of confidence that he'll eventually get it right. On the other hand, what can go wrong?


This is what can go wrong. We don't even want to go into all the things that are just not right with this picture, but it looks like there are many years of giraffe counseling in this kid's future.


Are you kidding us with those ears? Who is this, former Astro Adam Everett? Also, there's too much attitude here for our taste. We get it, kid, you're adorable. As Bill Murray says in Scrooged, "Hey, back off big man -- That may work with the chicks, but not me."


Oh, all right, goddammit. You win. You are cute, you little heartbreaker you.

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