The "News" Radio Station In Town Continues To Entertain

Oh, KTRH, you never fail to disappoint,.

The city's largest newsradio station, which occasionally does news in the midst of promoting its radical rightwing agenda, has another "poll" up.

Here it is:

What should the future hold for ACORN?

a) Dismantle and restructure

b) Dismantle and close

C) Set the group adrift without taxpayer money

Hmmmm.....so many options!! ("Dismantle and close" gets 65 percent of the vote, shockingly.)

We confidently await KTRH's poll asking about closing and dismantling the Republican party because of a handful of sexual deviants who have been exposed in it.

The station is also running a contest in connection with the upcoming production of Mary Poppins and the Hobby Center.

It asks contestants to make as many words as possible out of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

Let's see:







Ahh, we could go on, but we've got to get back to pondering the ACORN question. Why is there no option for torturing members of the group? Has KTRH gone soft?

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