The Noble Land Yacht: 6 Classic TV Ads For Impossibly Huge Cars

Back in the day, cars were cars. Huge, hilariously oversized, impractically massive, cars.

The land yachts of yore -- the Caddys, the Mercurys, etc. -- made no bones about "fuel efficiency" or "miles per gallon" or "ability to park." They were giant movable land masses, and you were a god just by being behind the wheel.

And, of course, those car makers advertised their goods to get you to buy. Here are six classic TV ads foisting incredibly wasteful gas-guzzlers on the public:

6. 1973 Mercury Marquis The opening shots of this ad emphasize the most important thing about the car: You could land a Cessna on the front hood. After that, it tediously takes us through testimony by a group of chauffeurs with names and an ethnic mix right out of some B-movie WWII platoon.

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Richard Connelly
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