The Only Hurricane Guide You Will Ever Need

Only through the benevolent grace of God Almighty has Houston been spared a tropical storm in the alarming gap of three days between the start of the hurricane season and the publication of our hurricane guide today.

Yes, we took a chance. But we also pulled a few strings with the Big Man. Give us three days, we said (In exchange, unfortunately? Well, He had been planning on yet another improbable Astros comeback. Sorry, guys.)

We're not the only ones taking advantage of getting ready for Ike Redux.

Bebe Verde in Montrose, a shop whose name has a half-dozen or so accent marks in it we're not bothering to add, is offering up "Ike Onesies": Cute little jumpers (or whatever you call them) for all the babies supposedly conceived in the electricity-free days following the storm.

Here's what they look like:

Maybe it's just us, but we don't remember the stifling a/c-less, bug-filled nights following Ike as any romantic invitation to a night of the loving arts. (Keep that in mind when doing our Kids' Page Word Jumble!!)

But maybe your mileage varied.

At any rate, the Season of Fear has once again descended upon us; Be Prepared and check out our guide.

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Richard Connelly
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