The Osteen Trial: Let The Feasting Begin

The epic lawsuit between Victoria Osteen and Continental Air Lines flight attendant Sharon Brown is on a lunch break, but from all appearances it will be later this afternoon when defense attorney Rusty Hardin does his feasting.

Hardin only got to the very beginning of his cross-examination of Brown before the break, and already the flight attendant was showing signs of breaking from the composed, rehearsed character she showed when being questioned by her own attorney.

Hardin has brought up the fact that, in her deposition, Brown referred to Joel Osteen as "the devil" and Lakewood Church as "a cult." If that doesn't somehow get cleared up by her attorney, it won't sit too well with the jurors.

It seems like Hardin will be roasting Brown with a series of inconsistencies between what she is saying now and what she said in her deposition.

On the stand, Brown said that once -- once -- she took one-third of an Ambien.

"Would it surprise you if, after lunch, I showed you the your deposition and your answer then was different -- would that surprise you?" Hardin asked.

There's been a lot of "I can't recall" and "If you say so" from Brown during the cross.

We can only expect things to get even more entertaining this afternoon.

-- Craig Malisow and Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.