The Passion Of The Victoria (Osteen)

Victoria Osteen vs. Sharon Brown, we hardly knew ye.

Ye (or you) gave us plenty of laughs and grins as we watched two nutty gals get all crossways with each other before becoming BFFs. Or, in Victoria's case, someone whom she tried to pray for once in a while.

The Osteens are back to doing what they do best -- they'll be appearing in Dallas' NBA arena soon at fifteen bucks a ticket -- but we couldn't let the trial of the century go by without one last look.

"The Passion Of The Victoria" -- or, as it's headlined online for search-engine reasons, "The Passion Of Victoria Osteen" -- is here.

Maybe Lakewood Church can sell t-shirts with that cover image on it.

The biggest surprise of all in putting together the story:

Rusty Hardin wouldn't talk with us. He referred all questions to Lakewood.

We think it's because the trial mismatch was like watching Roger Clemens (a Rusty client!) against a Little League team, and Hardin's embarrassed.

But maybe he's found religion Osteen-style, and was busy making himself a better him.

-- Richard Connelly

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