The Power of Christ Compels Him

We’ve had our fun with Craig Biggio over the years, and there are certainly much more devoted fans of the guy than me.

But he gave Houston a tremendous, theatrical night Thursday – bringing out the hippie-ish Jeff Bagwell was stellar – and he also deserves thanks for something else.

Biggio’s a deeply religious guy, a Catholic who never, apparently, misses a Mass. And yet he somehow made it through all the post-3K interviews without seeing the need to inform us of the key role God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit played in his 5-for-6 effort.

It was refreshing, especially since it involved an Astro. There are more than a few Astro players who can’t answer a boilerplate question like “Who’s the toughest pitcher you’ve ever faced?” without thanking some alleged deity.

Jesus doesn’t give a shit about your fourth-inning double, or your 45-yard TD run, or the fact you nailed that three-pointer with 2.3 seconds left. We hope He has better things to do.

Kudos to Craig Biggio for understanding that. Oh, and for the 3,000 hits, too. – Richard Connelly

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