The Power Of Christ Compels You...To Pray At City Hall

Hair Balls was at the National Day of Prayer ceremony at City Hall, asking a few questions.

Hair Balls: Why do we need a National Day of Prayer?

Hank, a Prayer Station volunteer: That's like asking why do people need to eat? We have a need for physical food and we have a need for spiritual food as well, and that's prayer. We're taking just one day out of the year to acknowledge how important it is to communicate with God. 

Kim Kossie, Community relations director for KSBJ: We're in a critical time and it's imperative for us to use the tool, the weapon of war, that really makes a difference and that is prayer. It's time for us to unite and demonstrate our faith. We have God-size problems and we need a God to heal them. If our nation is to change, it's about us as individuals changing. Change is a personal responsibility, it's an individual decision. And for me, prayer is part of that decision.

HB: There's a small white cardboard cross with the words "He is risen" written on it placed in the lawn surrounding City Hall's reflection pool. Some people, who are perhaps of other faiths or are strict believers in the separation of church and state would be offended. Why put up such a possibly polarizing sign?

Kossie: If we can pray on the steps of City Hall, I believe it's okay for us to display that message, he is risen.

Hair Balls: Some government officials (cough, cough, Obama, cough) seem to be playing down the importance of today's event. What do you think about that?

Pastor Steve Riggle, of Grace Community Church: If I had their problems, I'd be yelling my head off in prayer. 

Amen, Steve, amen.

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