The President Of The UT Health Science Center Finding It Hard To Move Here

Well over a year ago -- back in May 2008, when Hillary Clinton was still a viable candidate for the Democratic nomination -- the UT Health Science Center here in Houston hired Dr. Larry Kaiser as its new president.

How much does he love Houston? So much that the UT Board of Regents is about to consider an agenda item that will continue paying Kaiser commuting costs from his Pennsylvania home until August 2010.

"For personal reasons, Dr. Kaiser and his family have been unable to permanently move to Houston and hence the extension of this provision of his employment agreement," Dr. Kenneth Shine, UT System executive vice-chancellor for health affairs, tells Hair Balls.

We're pretty sure "personal reasons" means "can't get a good price for his house back east"

Anthony deBruyn, spokesman for the regents, tells us there's no cap on how much commuting costs the university will pay. He also doesn't have a figure on how much they've paid so far.

Kaiser came to the UT Health Science Center from the University of Pennsylvania Health System, which is based in Philadelphia. He was chairman of the department of surgery.

His UT biography proudly notes that "He has been named both a 'Top Doc' and a 'World Class Doc' multiple times by Philadelphia magazine."

Was Jonas Salk ever named a "Top Doc" by Philadelphia magazine? We think not.

So come on down to Houston, Doc. It's not that bad a place. At least not so bad it should take more than two years to move here.

And you'd probably get a pretty good deal on whatever mansion you buy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.