The Proposed Ashby High-Rise, Still Feeling The Sting Of Rejection

You have to admire the persistence of the folks who are trying to build a high-rise residential building in the very tony neighborhood near Rice. In this economy, it's odd enough that they're going ahead with plans when other developers are shutting down.

Not to mention that their plans keep getting rejected by the city of Houston, which usually only glances at developers' plans before bringing out their rubber stamp that says "Go get `em, boys!!"

The River Oaks Examiner reports that the city -- for the tenth time -- has rejected the developer's plans for the 23-story building. The project, city officials said, would cause traffic at the nearby intersection of Bissonet and Shepherd to get an "F" grade.

Which never really has seemed to bother the city before, when it comes to approving projects.

But the "Ashby High-Rise," of course, is planned for a very, very well-connected neighborhood, full of people who know how to protest, get bumper stickers on Lexuses and BMWs, put together impressive traffic studies and make City Hall jump up and listen.

One of the developers told the Examiner they will continue to press on:

Developer Matthew Morgan had said Friday the length of time that passed was "somewhat unorthodox" and that Buckhead partners would resubmit plans prior a receiving decision from the Public Works Department.

"We are working on new a submission based on city's attempts to reach an agreement," he said, adding the partners had remained in contact with the city throughout the lag time.

Lotsa luck with that, dude.

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