The Quotable Tracy McGrady: "It's About Winning."

Well, apparently I've pissed off Canada.

In a post that was largely meant to illustrate the cavalcade of clown that is Les Miles and make a salient point or two about the Houston Texans, the biggest reaction to yesterday's "5 Winners, 5 Losers" came from north of the border, as a result of what I thought was a pretty widely accepted supposition -- on the heels of being "fooled" by PED users past, baseball fans are within their right to question Jose Bautista's record 41-home-run increase from last year to this year.

Tracy McGrady: Something we can all agree on

Does the fact that four of the next six biggest increases from year to year came during the late `90's/early 2000's combined with that whole Mitchell Report thing combined with Bautista hitting 59 home runs in his previous four seasons combined make me (or anyone) out of line for raising the question?

I say no. Blue Jay Fan says yes. Blindly, myopically, they say yes. I'll be honest, until yesterday I didn't even know Blue Jay Fan existed. And I hate making enemies on a first impression.

So Canada -- specifically Toronto -- if it's not too late, let's crack open a high alcohol volume beer and clown someone whose turdishness we can both agree on....TRACY McGRADY!!

I am not going to lie, of all the offseason developments in the NBA over the summer, Tracy McGrady's finding a home for the 2010-2011 season was among my biggest reliefs. As exasperating as his hollow warrior rhetoric can be, it's a big part of what makes the grind of blogging day in and day out rewarding.

So when Tracy found a home in Detroit (after he spent two days assuming he was a member of the Bulls), the countdown was on for the day on which The She-Mac would sit down with the media, open mouth, and insert size 16.

That day is today. Or maybe it was yesterday. Regardless, courtesy of Fanhouse come these quotes from the Loquacious Tracy McGrady, with reaction. Enjoy!


"I am envious (of Miami's Big Three). I'm jealous as s**t,'' McGrady chuckled Tuesday morning before a Pistons workout. "I look at all the teams I've been on, and I never had a Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh on the same team. I'm jealous, but I'm happy for them. I hope they win 10 damn championships.''

SP REACT: Another flavor of the plague that has poisoned the New NBA -- Overly Friendly Syndrome. I hate being "Back In My Day" Guy, but seriously...back in my day, these guys all had, at best, healthy respect for each other and, in most cases, utter hatred. NBA guys being "happy" for each other and saying they "hope they win 10 damn championships" is unfortunately no longer foreign to me. It's now the norm. It sucks. Stop being happy for each other, dammit! Also, T-Mac, I know you play for the Pistons, but technically the team you play for is eligible to win the NBA title. You won't, but how about leaving the well wishes for other teams for after you are waived for good retire.


"Ten years ago, we could have done it (put a Big Three together) but without all the hype,'' McGrady said. "But that's just wishful thinking now. It's what could have happened. It's only teasing me (to talk about it). So many nights I remember just wishing that Grant was healthy. I would have loved for Duncan to have been there, too, but a healthy Grant Hill would have been good enough (for me).''

SP REACT: This one is great -- the guy who has never won an NBA playoff series saying that he and Grant Hill would have been "good enough" and that it would have been "nice" to have Duncan there. Somehow, I don't think Duncan is having the same angst over how things worked out.


"I can't fault him. If I was in that situation, I'd go to a team with Dwyane Wade. It's about winning, isn't it?'' he said. "Everyone just has a problem with how he did it. Me, I might not have done it that way, but as far as leaving to play with Dwyane, I'm happy for him."

SP REACT: No, you probably wouldn't have done it that way, Tracy, I will give you credit that not even you are at the same self-awareness nadir where LeBron has seemingly taken up residence. That said, I would have much rather seen a LeBron-style Decision show during this go-round of your free agency, where you go on some local access station and announce that you're taking your talent to the Bulls, only to have them say "Dude, we never signed you. Stop referring to our team in the first person."


"It's about winning."

SP REACT: It is, until you're held accountable for it....


"I'm so far ahead of where I was with the Knicks, it's not even close. Not even close,'' he said. "My goal is play in 82 games and get to the playoffs. That's a successful season for me."

SP REACT: 82 games? I'll take the under.

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