The Reckless Robber Goes For The Bald Look

Now the Reckless Robber is just toying with us.

He pulled off his sixth bank robbery Wednesday, but -- much more importantly -- he abandoned the silver-hair trademark that had sent the FBI's PR department into paroxysms of outrage.

The dude is now bald. In the latest security-camera video, he looks like David Cross on Arrested Development.

How reckless can you get?

The FBI's e-mail to the media promised "gripping details" of the latest incident in its official release, and it -- maybe, sorta, not really -- delivered.

From the release:

At approximately 11:05A.M. this morning, the "Reckless Robber" entered the bank and immediately racked a round into the chamber of the black, semi-automatic pistol he was carrying. He grabbed a bank employee by the hair, placed a gun to the back of her head and forced her to the teller counter. Next, he threw a black bag on top of the counter and demanded all tellers place their money into his bag. He threatened to shoot them if they called police or activated any alarms. He threatened to shoot the tellers one last time before exiting the bank on foot.

This happened at a Wells Fargo branch in Humble.

Ol' Reckless sported a brown jogging suit. So be on the lookout for a bald, badly dressed man who has silver paint chips on his shoulders.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.