The Return of the Police Blotter

Welcome back, everybody, to another edition of the Police Blotter.

Today we introduce you to three people related to sports who have been arrested within the past week, and, believe it or not, none of them is associated with the University of Texas.

First up, Florida Gator safety and team captain, Tony Joiner, who was arrested on Tuesday morning for trying to take his girlfriend’s car from a towing company’s impound lot. Joiner, who was arrested on the site, was charged with felony burglary. Florida Coach Urban Meyer has stripped Joiner of his captain status, and he will not be allowed to play as long he is charged with a felony. Joiner is also the eighth Gator to be arrested in the last seven months.

Now, in defense of Joiner, the owner of the lot states that this is all a misunderstanding in that Joiner had paid the towing bill and arranged to pick up the car from the lot. When no one was at the lot, Joiner pushed open a gate, went inside the lot, got the car, drove out, then exited the car to close the gate. When confronted by a witness (and just who is it that sits outside of towing company impound lot at five in the morning anyway?), Joiner stayed on the scene and waited for the police.

Then comes the story of Texas Tech linebacker Kellen Tillman who was suspended by Coach Mike Leach following a Monday arrest for possession of marijuana. (And can I make a political comment here: just how stupid are this country’s drug laws? Why are police resources being wasted on a guy who possessed less than an ounce of marijuana? Aren’t there more important crimes going on out there that need investigating?)

But my favorite Police Blotter story of the week involves former Houston Astros pitching coach Jim Hickey. Hickey, currently the pitching coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (until he’s fired), was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and a hit-and-run with damage after he allegedly attempted to drive away drunkenly from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg on Sunday night, after the D-Rays had arrived home from their season-ending game in Toronto. Leaving the stadium, Hickey allegedly rear-ended a truck being driven by a D-Rays batboy, then fled the scene. An undercover policeman was at the stadium and saw Hickey drive off. Police were notified and were able to pull Hickey over. However, they had to drag him out of his car.

And thus ends this week’s edition of Police Blotter. -- John Royal

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