The River Oaks Revolt Continues

River Oaks residents, and people who live so close they claim to be River Oaks residents, continue to be up in arms about Weingarten Realty's development of the old shopping center there.

A massive parking garage has been built, a huge bookstore is set to replace the smaller one-story string of shops, and the River Oaks Theater remains more endangered than ever.

Now they have another thing to worry about: noise.

Residents have discovered, they say, that Weingarten is planning an open-air wine bar/patio near Shepherd that will be rented for private parties.

"Loud music and other noise will disturb the surrounding neighborhoods," says Stop Shepherd Noise, a group that has sprung up with a website.

They say Weingarten misled them about aspects of the development, and they'll calling for residents to attend a variance hearing December 18.

Bring only the very latest in torches and pitchforks, people. Try Restoration Hardware.

-- Richard Connelly

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